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Project Case Study: Harrell Family - Full Home Reconstruction

Project Case Study: Harrell Family - Full Home Reconstruction Wednesday, March 03, 2021

A plumbing leak in your house could mean a number of things, but you should never let the issue go on for too long. Why? Because it could spur on more problems with your home than you're prepared to handle all at once.

For the Harrell Family, a small leak from their copper water line turned into a full home renovation project. This pipe is set in the wall behind the toilet so detecting this type of pipe leak isn't the easiest.

Our company received a call from the Harrells to help locate the source of the water leak.

On July 15th, our office got a call from the Harell Family about a bathroom leak that they couldn't find after much searching. We sent out our plumbing team to their residence in Central Florida to perform a non-invasive leak detection service so we could find the source of the main leak.

After the plumber located the leak, the bathroom wall was ripped open so the plumbers could properly repair the pipe on-site. Unfortunately, some mold growth had already begun to form and there was considerable water damage inside the wall.

Mold is nothing to take lightly, so we immediately dispatched our mold mitigation team to do a full inspection of the bathroom and the rest of their home.

Mold remediation must be performed as soon as possible to keep the fungi from spreading further.

The mold mitigation crew went straight to work trying to dry out the areas with extensive water damage. Several dehumidifiers were brought inside the bathroom to begin the drying process, along with air scrubbers with HEPA filtration systems to help clean and purify the air of mold spores.

Then it was time for the mold removal and clean-up. One important aspect of mold removal and remediation is containment. By installing the proper barriers and safeguards in the areas afflicted with mold, we prevent cross-contamination in the unaffected areas of the home while the rest of the remediation process is completed.

Two days later, we had an air quality hygienist take air samples that would be sent out to a lab for testing. But despite the best efforts of our mold mitigation and removal teams, the air still tested positive for mold. The hygenist then wrote up a complete protocol based on the lab results so that we could perform a more extensive mold remediation process.

The Harrell Family was set up in a fully furnished home provided by our company to give them a safe, clean place to stay during the demo and mold remediation process!

Part of our mission at True Builders is to ensure all our clients have as much of a stress-free experience as possible while we're helping to restore their homes. The last thing a person needs after experiencing any kind of extensive damage to their home is struggling with finding a new place to stay while they wait for the renovations to be finished.

As it turned out, both bathrooms and the kitchen in the Harrell's home were afflicted with mold and/or water damage, making the entire space unliveable. Fortunately, we were able to help provide them with a place to stay while they waited for us to complete the mold remediation and bathroom and kitchen renovations.

In our efforts to always provide the best customer service for our clients, our company owns a fully furnished home that is made available for those who require alternative living arrangements. A home disaster can shake up almost anyone, the least we can do is offer a safe, clean place to stay while their home is restored to its former glory.

Plus, we were able to incorporate the entire cost into the remediation and renovation project so that their insurance company could cover the damages AND their living expenses!

Now comes the fun part: the bathroom and kitchen redesign and installation process!

Once our teams were done with the mold remediation and demo work, it was time to rebuild! This is probably the best part about any home renovation because clients get to check out our showroom and start picking which products and visual elements they'd like to see in their newly designed areas.

Before the remodeling process began, we safely moved all of their belongings, including the furniture, into a climate-controlled storage container that was kept on-site. Since this was such a large scale job, many elements of their home had to be replaced, including:

Thankfully, our showroom had everything the Harrell Family needed to make their kitchen and bathrooms better than before! We even installed a new floating island for the kitchen and redesigned the shower to include a bench seat and glass enclosure, and added a brand new vanity in the bathroom. We also repainted the entire inside of the home. All that was left to do now was move the furniture and other items back inside!

Leave your home restoration and remodeling project to our professionals at True Builders!

True Builders is a 5-star rated restoration and remodeling company in the Central Florida area. Our teams have repaired and remodeled hundreds of homes and businesses across communities in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and other nearby cities. If your property has any kind of extensive damage or issues with mold, call us right away at (863) 647-1800. We'll have someone sent out to your location within the hour!

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