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A home in Lakeland, FL with a tarp covering roof damage.

Roof Tarping in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Wesley Chapel, & Nearby Areas

We offer expert roof tarping services to temporarily protect your home after your roof is damaged.

Roof tarping services provided to properties in Lakeland, Plant City, and the nearby areas of central Florida.

An effectively tarped roof will prevent further damage to your home.

A storm damaged home with a blue tarp covered roof in Winter Haven, FL.

Often in our area of central Florida, roofs will sustain damage during a storm, when a tree falls, or if the materials begin to rot. While the roof is being repaired, it is recommended to tarp the area in order to prevent further damage to your home.

At True Builders, we provide effective roof tarping services to properties in Winter Haven, Plant City, Lakeland, and nearby areas throughout central Florida.

What Causes Roof Damage

There are many ways a roof can be damaged in central Florida. Storms can sweep through, taking down trees that crash into homes or blowing shingles off of a roof during high winds.

Roofs also reach a certain lifespan and need to be replaced, but if they are neglected they may begin to rot away which can be problematic for homeowners. Make sure to routinely inspect your roof for any potential signs of root rot.

If your roof is damaged severely, make sure to quickly vacate the premises as your safety is the main concern.

Why Your Damaged Roof Needs to Be Tarped

A home with a blue tarp applied over roof damage in Plant City, FL.

When a roof is damaged by a falling tree, high winds from a hurricane, hail from a storm, or other factors, it leaves the rest of your home open to the elements. Further rain can come into the building and potentially cause water damage.

Our emergency roof tarping services will work to keep your home protected so that it does not sustain further damage. This is a temporary fix that is done to keep the house sealed off from rain or wind, and only a few companies know the best ways to tarp a house. At True Builders, we have trained roofing professionals who will make sure your roof is sufficiently tarped during the roof repair process.

How We Tarp Your Roof

Roof tarping is an efficient process when it is done correctly. Our roof repair contractors will come out and follow these steps:

  • We first assess the extent of the damage to ensure every area is covered.
  • After inspecting the roof, we will determine how much repair needs to be done and how much of the roof is still viable.
  • Next, we stretch out a tarp over the damaged part and securely fasten it to the remaining roof and shingles.

You will need to check with your homeowners' insurance policy to see if roof tarping is covered under your particular policy. If your roof was damaged due to neglect, then it may not be possible to get it covered.

Looking for emergency roof tarping services in central Florida? Contact us.

If you are in need of emergency roof tarping services, the pros at True Builders are some of central Florida's top-rated contractors. We serve properties in Lakeland, Plant City, Winter Haven, and nearby cities. Contact us today at (863) 647-1800.

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