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Example of a newly remodeled kitchen done by the professional team at True Builders for a homeowner in Haines City, FL.

Haines City, FL Remodeling & Restoration Services

The 5-Star Rated Haines City, FL Disaster Restoration & Remodeling Specialists

At True Builders, our restoration and remodeling specialists are always ready to help the over 23,000 residents of Haines City, and surrounding areas in Central Florida. Being located in a more rural area, Haines City homeowners have limited options for home remodeling and restoration services. However, True Builders stands ready to provide our 5-star rated services when called upon by Haines City residents.

We restore homes and commercial properties from any damage they received from either a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, or a family emergency, like a house fire. In addition to restoration, our experienced experts can handle remodeling of any portion of your home or building.

Remodeling Services

You don't have to wait for a disaster to strike to take advantage of our top-rated services. Residents within the Haines City community have come to True Builders to remodel and update the existing structure of their home. Two types of remodeling that we commonly do are kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling

Considering that kitchens are an area of the home where families tend to spend the most time together, it is no wonder that kitchen remodels are a frequent call from our clients. Our team is highly experienced in installing cabinetry, adding backsplashes, updating flooring, and many other aspects that are often a part of kitchen remodeling.

Bathroom Remodeling

Updating your bathroom is often a shortcut towards adding value to your home. At True Builders, we can provide you with top rated designers and construction teams to build a bathroom that you can gain enjoyment from for years to come.

As a licensed building contractor, we also provide other types of remodeling and construction services, such as adding second stories to houses, additions to homes, roof repair, flooring, and more.

Restoration Services

After a disaster strikes, our experienced restoration team is ready to restore the damaged parts of your home to like-new condition, whether it is from fire, flood, or some other unfortunate event. We can also help you to avoid damage to your home with services like our non-invasive leak detection.

Our Top Rated Fire Damage Services

Fire restoration services include:

  • Restoring Water Service to the Property
  • Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup
  • Sifting Through and Assessing the Damage
  • Rebuilding Fire Damage

Our fire restoration services are not only designed to clean up the smoke and soot that can cause accelerated corrosion and structural degradation to occur to the building, they are also designed to deal with the dry chemicals and water used to put the fire out.

Did you know the damaged caused by a house fire can continue to smolder for hours, or even days, after firefighters have put out the flames?

Why use our water damage restoration services?

Water can be one of the most destructive forces on the planet. The water damage that can sweep through your home from a major leak, pipe burst, or flood can be devastating. Have True Builders on speed dial so you can call us right away!

Water drying restoration needs to happen immediately to avoid:

  • Electrical hazards on the property
  • Damage to furniture or your home's structure

Non-Invasive Leak Detection to Avoid Water Damage

While flooding from a natural disaster may not be avoidable, leaks actually can be avoided and we can help you find them! Our non-invasive leak detection services give homeowners peace of mind, by finding leaks without busting through walls. By utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, we can potentially save your home from thousands of dollars in damage.

Schedule Your Restoration or Remodeling Consultation

Facts do not lie, and it is a fact that True Builders has over 250 reviews on our restoration and remodeling services around the Haines City area! We pride ourselves on delivering services that go beyond our clients' expectations every time.

We are a locally operated business that is licensed, insured, and employ experts in our field. Start your remodeling or restoration project with us today! Look at our projects section for recently completed remodels and restorations our experts have done. We offer floor-to-ceiling services, including design, demolition, and installation.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation for your restoration or remodel today, by calling (863) 647-1800! At True Builders, we work with both residential and commercial properties around the Haines City, FL communities.

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