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True Builders consultation showroom at their location in Plant City, FL.

Consultation Showroom in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Wesley Chapel, & Nearby Areas

Come visit our showroom in Plant City, FL for an up close and personal look at our products and samples.

Work one-on-one with our professionals on your home remodel projects!

At True Builders, our showroom is a place where clients and potential customers can browse all of the materials we have to offer on our home renovations and remodels. We offer designated client consultation areas, and visuals for every room in your place including

  • Cabinet choices
  • Counter choices
  • Flooring samples
  • Backsplash design options
  • Shower/Bath tile options
  • Decorative tile inlays

Our showroom in %%targetraea1%%, FL where we meet with our clients to discuss their new projects.

All Remodeling Projects Start with a Client Consultation

Come sit and spend some time working with a professional and viewing the showroom together. Our client consultation space is perfectly surrounded with the best options on the market for your home renovations or remodeling. Whether you are looking for bathroom tile or an entirely new kitchen, our showroom allows clients to explore, touch, and view all of the options for their home.

Client consultations are a great opportunity for us to get on the same page as the client and iron out all the details of the design prior to construction and installation. At True Builders, we depend on our showroom to give clients a 100% visual representation of the materials in their new design.

Our showroom allows our clients to see the actual materials prior to them being installed!

Cabinets & Countertops

Our showroom in Plant City, FL offers an interactive cabinet and countertop area with at least eight different cabinet and countertop styles where clients can physically move countertops and match them up with other cabinets to get a full visual of their design.

The interactive part of the showroom space gives clients a chance to mix and match with intended material combinations and allows them to feel comfortable and confident in their new countertop and cabinet selection. We provide a wide variety of top countertop brands and materials. There are different styles of cabinetry available as well, giving clients a truly unique experience in selecting their perfect combination.

The many choices of high quality cabinets and counter tops at our showroom in Plant City, FL.


Laminate, tile, or hardwood? Which would you prefer in your new space? At our showroom, we offer plenty of options that highlight all of these materials. Our samples are large to help you get a true indication for the different patterning and repetition within the material.

Flooring samples can be moved and set next to each other for comparison so you can get an idea for the difference in grain, color tones, and coolness or warmth of the material. Flooring is a major component of your space, so you want to make sure it flows well with other design options. At True Builders, our showroom allows clients to move materials around and get the full effect of their selections next to one another. This approach really helps both client and contractor nail down the design without any misunderstandings.

The many choices our clients have when choosing new flooring for their remodel at our showroom in Plant City, FL.

Find Your Details: Kitchen Backsplash and Bathroom Tile

The beauty is in the detail, and for remodels, the detail is in the backsplash in a kitchen or the tile in a bathroom. There are many colorful and bold options for both home spaces on the market today.


In our showroom, we offer mock-up bathroom areas where the popular tile is showcased. Customers can touch and view the tile and compare them side by side. They can also visually see our great craftsmanship that they can expect from our team during their new remodel. Selecting tile for a bathroom can be challenging because multiple tiles may be used for designing separate features in the same space, such as

  • Shower Walls
  • Shower Flooring
  • Bathroom Walls
  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Tub Walls
  • Sink Backsplash

There can be a lot of creativity in designing a bathroom, so we help our clients carefully visualize their bathroom by suggesting tile options around the showcase. Having a visual helps them see the possibility of utilizing multiple styles and textures of tile in their space.

Examples of a tiled shower and bath at our Plant City, FL showroom.


A kitchen backsplash can make a world of difference in your kitchen. It helps break up the space between counters and cabinets while providing a focal point. While you are having a client consultation and choosing the other components of your kitchen, take some time to consider backsplash or tile inlays. From simple to extravagant, we can find a design and pattern that truly fits your new space. Backsplash and tile inlays are also a great way to add color and texture to your kitchen!

Many of the available options for your kitchen remodel on display in our showroom.

Visit our Showroom in Plant City Today!

Our showroom is available to our clients to start their projects by working in a creatively stimulating environment one-on-one with our professionals. At True Builders, your needs are easily met by having a space where you can visually see your room come to life. Our showroom is open to our clients in Plant City, Lakeland, and Winter Haven. Schedule your consultation and get started on your dream design!

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