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Kitchen cabinet remodeling project in Plant City, Florida.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Wesley Chapel, & Nearby Areas

Choose from a variety of beautiful options for your new custom home kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet installation and design in Plant City, Lakeland, and nearby areas of Florida.

We consult with you on the type of cabinetry that will look best in your kitchen, as well as hardware and styles of cabinets.

Home kitchen cabinets rebuilt and remodeled in Plant City, Florida.

One of the most important aspects of your kitchen is the cabinets. Outdated cabinets can change the entire atmosphere of the room, while new cabinets will make the room feel more modern. Lighter cabinets or darker cabinets also affect the feeling of the room.

Our kitchen contractors will happily consult with you to decide what type and style of cabinetry will best complement your kitchen as well as the hardware. We design and install kitchen cabinets in Plant City, Winter Haven, Lakeland, and nearby areas of central Florida.

We can replace your existing cabinets with new, updated cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet replacement project in Lakeland, FL.

If you aren't considering a full kitchen remodel, but you want to update your kitchen in some way, consider updating your existing cabinets. This will give your kitchen a facelift with new, modern cabinets. Our contractors can create completely customized cabinets or use stock cabinets depending on your preferences. Reasons to update your cabinets include:

  • It can increase your home's value. When a buyer walks in and sees outdated cabinets, they may balk at the thought of needing to redo the kitchen.
  • Updated cabinets will modernize your kitchen. New kitchen cabinets are made with more versatile materials and options. You can upgrade your storage options, include new types of cabinets such as wall, base, and drawers, and change the styles to include taller cabinets or crown molding.
  • You can change the features of your cabinets. Add built-in racks, create under-cabinet lighting, and more.

Visit our local showroom to see each option for yourself so you can decide which type of cabinet to install in your kitchen.

What is the timeframe for cabinet installation and how much does it cost?

Custom kitchen cabinet remodeling in Plant City, Florida.

On average, the timeframe to install cabinets is about two to three days when you hire a trained contractor to install them for you. Cabinets will need to be carefully removed in order to avoid damaging countertops or appliances. An experienced installer will be able to add in new cabinets that are perfectly level and hung properly.

The cost of kitchen cabinets varies based on the type of cabinet you choose for your home. According to HGTV, stock cabinets are the cheapest, with custom being the most.

  • Stock cabinetry ranges from $60-$200 per linear foot
  • Semi-stock cabinets can be $100-$650 per linear foot
  • Customized cabinets will run $500-$1200 per linear foot

Want to consult with our experienced kitchen contractors about upgrading your kitchen cabinets? Call us.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your kitchen in some way, then our experienced kitchen contractors would love to consult with you! We provide our services to central Florida areas such as Winter Haven, Plant City, and Lakeland. Call us today at (863) 647-1800 to learn more about our local showroom, our kitchen cabinet installation services, and more.

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