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Why You Need to Restore & Remodel Your Kitchen After Flood Damage

Why You Need to Restore & Remodel Your Kitchen After Flood Damage Thursday, September 26, 2019

Flooding is never an easy event to deal with. The resulting emotional toll coupled with water damage makes it difficult to cope with. While any damage to your home is stressful, hiring a professional company to restore and remodel your kitchen after flood damage is pivotal to the safety of your home.

From preventing structural issues to avoiding mold exposure, here is why you need to restore and remodel your kitchen after flood damage in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and the surrounding areas.

Flooring, Cabinets, & Wallpaper Can Start Buckling

Wood floors like this one in Lakeland, FL will buckle when they see water damage.

One of the most visually obvious issues with water damage is the resulting buckling of flooring, cabinets, and wallpaper. When water seeps under your tile or wood flooring, it warps the foundation beneath, causing noticeable buckling of the vinyl. Wood absorbs a lot of water, which causes the wood to deteriorate and lose integrity. This buckling isn’t only unsightly, but also creates an environment where moisture can get trapped, allowing mold and mildew to grow and spread.

Remodeling Removes Mold & Mildew

One of the most dangerous aspects of water damage is the resulting mildew and mold that builds up, grows, and then spreads if not removed. Mold in particular can be very damaging to your house and your health. Respiratory problems, migraines, and other severe illnesses can result from mold exposure. Mold not only hurts your health but also harms your home. If left unaddressed, mold causes structural damage to your home which can spread and create even worse problems in the future.

Water damage deteriorates the wood of your home and compromises the structural integrity of the walls and flooring in your kitchen.

Water Damage Impacts Food Safety & Cleanliness

Water is flooding this kitchen in Winter Haven, FL.

Your kitchen is where you prepare food, and therefore should always be maintained and kept clean and sanitary for health reasons. When flooding occurs in your home, the water damage doesn’t just affect the appliances and surrounding cabinets; it also affects your food and safety. Allowing water damage to linger causes mold, mildew, pest infestation, and other diseases to develop in your kitchen. These hazards can be very dangerous to your health, especially when they contaminate your food. Mold releases spores into the surrounding air, and when these spores become airborne they can easily land in your food, causing severe illness, or worse. Restoring and remodeling your kitchen is the best way to ensure all mold is removed from the area.

Damp, Dark Places Invite Insects & Pests Into Your Kitchen

Insects and other pests love damp, dark places. A flooded kitchen provides these creatures the perfect place to hunker down and multiply. Pests like termites eat away the wood in your home, while spiders and other venomous pests can easily come into contact with family, friends, and pets in your home. Spiders are never a welcome pest, especially when they are venomous and their bite can cause serious infections. When you remodel your kitchen after flood damage, the contractors will aid in removing any pests that may have taken up refuge in these dark, wet spaces.

Do you need your kitchen restored or remodeled after a flood?

At True Builders, we have plenty of experience remodeling kitchens and other areas of homes. Remodeling your kitchen after a flood is no small task. We have the experience and equipment needed to safely restore and remodel your kitchen and repair any water damage quickly and efficiently. Call us today at (863) 647-1800 to set up a consultation and get started renovating your kitchen!

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