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WHAT? Water damage can be caused by your air conditioning unit?

WHAT? Water damage can be caused by your air conditioning unit? Monday, March 01, 2021

In areas of Central Florida like Plant City, Lakeland, and nearby areas, air condition is a must-have most of the year. But did you know that your A/C unit can actually cause more harm than good if you’re not careful? Seriously — we’re talking about significant water damage.

Your faithful air conditioning unit can cause water damage without regular maintenance. Read on to learn how your air conditioning unit can leak and cause damage, and what you can do about it.

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The condensate drain line can become clogged.

The condensate drain, also known as the condensate drain line, is a critical component of an HVAC system. The air conditioner creates humidity, and the condensate line gives all of that moisture somewhere to go, preferably outdoors. If the line becomes clogged, condensation will back up and leak, which can lead to mold and other types of water damage.

A disconnected drain line can cause leaks.

If an A/C system has been installed incorrectly, the drain line may not have a solid connection, which can lead to leaks and water damage, including mold. Even if it has been properly installed, the hose can come loose over time without adequate maintenance. Standing water can pool on the floor, and water can even leak overhead, depending on where the system is located.

A clogged or rusted drain pan needs to be replaced immediately.

The drain pan is where condensation collects before draining into the line that takes water away from the building. This drain pan, when not cleaned or treated correctly, can rust, hold standing water, crack, and develop mold. Any clogs of cracks in the drain pan may push the water elsewhere, like the floor.

Mold and other water damage can get expensive, which is why regular maintenance is critical—both for air conditioning performance and the health of your property.

When the condensate pump malfunctions, water won’t drain correctly.

The condensate pump helps push water through the condensate line so that it doesn’t build up in your system. If the pump fails or becomes clogged, water will have nowhere else to go but onto the floor.

Dirty evaporator coils can cause damage.

A dirty evaporator coil can mean the air isn’t as cold as it should be (and a higher energy bill), but it can also cause water damage. With all of that buildup, the evaporator coil can develop condensation, freeze, and leak. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the coils so this situation doesn’t happen.

Stop neglecting your air conditioner maintenance by scheduling a service with our HVAC maintenance and repair team!

Repairs on a broken air conditioning unit in Plant City, FL.

Water can settle into floors and walls, causing drywall damage and mold growth. Second-story AC units can leak and cause ceiling damage. This can possibly even lead to replacing drywall and flooring—an expensive prospect. Scheduling regular maintenance and system inspections means catching leaks, clogs, and other A/C issues before they become a problem.

If it’s been a while since your last inspection, or if you’re seeing signs of water damage, call us at (863) 647-1800. We serve properties in Plant City, Lakeland, and other nearby areas of Central Florida.

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