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What to do if Your Home Floods

What to do if Your Home Floods Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Did you know water is a leading cause of home damage?

While many things can be done to minimize your home flood damage prior to a flood, it can be entirely possible that you could find yourself in a situation that is not only unexpected, but that you are unprepared for. Water is a leading cause of home damage and can be caused by an array of situations, either natural or man-made, but most commonly:

  • Heavy rains
  • Burst/leaking pipes
  • Malfunctioning sump-pump
  • Sewer buildup

Knowing how to react during and even after a flood, may help keep your family and your home safe.

Safety First: Worry about immediate dangers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is, if at any time the situation seems precarious, and you or your family are at risk, remove yourselves from the situation. Securing safety for you, your family, and your pets are foremost. Things to consider when assessing safety in your home during flooding:

  1. Look for any structural damage that may have been caused by the flood. Water can compromise the walls of a home or building.
  2. Utilities should be turned off immediately, if they can be reached, to reduce the risk of electrical hazards or gas leaks. If you need assistance during this, contact your utility companies immediately.
  3. Flood water may be contaminated! Children and animals should be kept out of any standing water. Any adults needing to enter standing water should do so with rubber boots and gloves.

Removing water and drying out your home.

After the safety situation is dealt with, it is time to properly take care of your home and possessions. If possible, stop all sources of water. Removing water will differ depending on the situation and amount of water in your home. Pumps can be used to help remove the water out of your home. Once water gets to a more manageable level, industrial dryers can remove any moisture in carpets and on floors.

If you don't act fast after a flood, mold can set in within hours and create a health hazard for you and your family.

Beyond the drying process.

After the water removal and drying process, contacting your insurance company should be your next move. We can help by working and communicating with your insurance company. Also, documentation through photographs of the damage and after the incident can help insurance adjusters better prepare their claims accurately.

Contact us post-flood.

At True Builders, we offer disaster cleanup, restoration, and remodeling services. Anything from a small wall or ceiling repair, to a full restoration post-flood, can be handled by our professional restoration company. Schedule a consultation with us by calling tel: (863) 647-1800.

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