What are the Most Common House Insurance Claims?
What are the Most Common House Insurance Claims?

What are the Most Common House Insurance Claims? Monday, January 02, 2023

House insurance is important for homeowners to protect their investments and property against potential losses. Each type of claim can be costly if not properly addressed. Understanding the most common house insurance claims can help you plan and prepare yourself financially if one occurs.

1. Hail and Wind Storms

Hailstorms occur when large hailstones form during thunderstorms and are among the most common home insurance claims. When hail falls onto roofs or siding, it can cause significant damage, including dents and gouges. It's important to contact your insurer immediately if you notice damage from a hail storm so they can assess and determine whether repairs are necessary.


Wind storms refer to strong winds associated with severe weather systems such as hurricanes or tornadoes that can blow off shingles, dislodge siding, or shatter windows in homes. In addition to being dangerous for occupants, wind storms can cause significant structural damage to a home that could lead to expensive repair bills if not covered by insurance.



2. All Other Property Damage

The most common type of house insurance claim is generally coded as all other property damage, which covers any loss that isn't accompanied by bodily injury. This type of claim can range from a minor mishap, such as a broken window due to a stray baseball, to major catastrophes, like a toppled tree crushing your roof.


The cost associated with these types of claims varies drastically due to the vast range of incident possibilities, and the extent of damage incurred can range from minimal to severe. Nonetheless, it pays off in the long run to have reliable coverage for all other property damage just in case unexpected peril strikes.


True Builders can help you determine if a claim is warranted.  They are skilled in insurance claims and can properly guide you through the process.


3. Flooding

Floods occur when rivers overflow their banks after extended periods of heavy rain or snow melt, leading to water seeping into basements and other areas of a house that may not have been designed to keep out water intrusions. Homeowners should always purchase flood insurance because it typically isn't covered under traditional homeowners' policies, even though flooding is becoming increasingly common due to climate change.

4. Fire Damage

Fires are destructive forces regardless of their size. Still, thankfully, homeowners are usually covered for small fires related to accident or negligence and larger ones associated with wildland firefighting operations near populated areas like wildfires in California, for example. A homeowner's policy should cover any damage caused by fire, including smoke removal services and replacement items lost due to the fire if necessary.

5. Theft


Burglaries are, unfortunately, still relatively common in many neighborhoods. Still, fortunately, most homeowner's policies provide coverage for stolen items up to certain limits depending on the individual policy terms and conditions. The best way to ensure full coverage is by installing security measures such as alarm systems, surveillance cameras, window locks, etc. Along with insuring valuable items separately where possible, they aren't included in the theft claim limit set by your insurer.

5. Liability Claims


Homeowner's policies often contain liability coverage which provides financial compensation when someone is injured on your property due to negligence (including pets). This type of coverage also includes legal fees, which may be required when defending yourself against lawsuits resulting from accidents involving visitors or guests who weren't aware of potential dangers on the property at the time of injury.


If you have had damage to your home, need mitigation services, repair, and renovation services True Builders can help not only stop the issue, repair the damages, and help guide you through the insurance claims process.

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