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What Are the Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Central FL

What Are the Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Central FL Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A home in Plant City that has missing shingles from a powerful storm, and is now dealing with roof leaks.

Central FL is known to be one of the harshest climates in the country on roofs. A combination of extreme heat, torrential rain, and hail damage throughout the summers are just the start of problems for a Florida home.

Most damage that occurs to your roof happens over a long period. Adding in the natural environments of Central FL means homeowners need to be diligent when it comes to checking their roofs for damage, especially when one takes into consideration that damage may lead to a roof leak sometime down the road—and a roof leak can evolve into a costly situation.

As a professional and licensed contractor company, True Builders can assess your roof for the kind of damage that commonly cause roof leaks in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and surrounding areas in Central FL areas. In our experience, common causes for roof leaks include: 

Damaged Flashing

Flashing are the pieces of sheet metal that are under shingles and are meant to protect the joints. In older homes, your flashing may even be made from lead. Some flashing comes with a rubberized coating over the top of it. This can be checked for indications of deterioration or cracking.

How is flashing damaged? Your flashing may have been poorly installed, had poor repairs done, or may just be falling apart due to age and exposure. Over time and from extreme temperature changes, flashing can warp.

The key to avoiding major repairs is to replace old flashing as soon as issues are noticed. If left alone, flashing can cause leaks, mold, and mildew to enter your interior. 

Deteriorating Roofing Materials

This homeowner in Plant City has a large hole in their roof from materials that have seriously declined.

Over time and with age, roofing materials start to decline, just like any other structural components constantly exposed to the elements. The heat and weather conditions of Plant City, FL may deteriorate your home's roof at a more rapid rate than other parts of the country.

When deterioration occurs, your roof becomes less of a defense for the rest of your home. It becomes more susceptible to leaks and cracks and it also becomes brittle. Additionally, direct exposure to sunlight can affect the seals on your roof, creating perfect conditions for leaks to occur. Having routine roof inspections can help you keep your roof in good working order. Furthermore, a professional will be able to let you know when the time comes to replace your roof. 

Shingles With Wind Damage or Heat Buckling

One major concern with shingles is exposure to strong winds, which are common during storms and hurricanes. High winds can cause shingles to be torn or to go missing completely. This vacancy, created by shingles being torn or missing, removes a layer of protection that your roof needs.

Another source of damage to shingles involves heat buckling. Heat buckling occurs where ventilation is poor in the attic and air is unable to escape. The shingles end up being baked from the sun above and the hot air below, causing them to curl up.

Whatever the circumstances are, have your shingles replaced immediately before interior damage is caused. 

Sealing Issues

Whether around a skylight or valleys and vents, sealing your roof is extremely important. The seam where two planes meet must be thoroughly sealed to avoid water from leaking through into your home. Sealing issues are usually caused by problems during construction or the aging of your roof. Rainwater can get under shingles, create wet spots in the attic, and soften the support lumber.

One of the most common sealing issues can be found with a homeowner's skylights. If an expert does not properly do sealing, it can lead to major leaks and repairs needed on your roof. If you find yourself using a bucket to catch drips of water under windows or vents, contact True Builders to have your roof assessed today as you may have a sealing issue!

It's important that skylights are installed by trained professionals to prevent your roof from leaking. 

Clogged Gutters

Example of a clogged gutter that is part of a home in Lakeland.

Gutters are important because they direct rainfall away from your home. They are your failsafe for keeping the vulnerable parts of your home safe and secure, such as your windows, siding, foundation, and roof. When your gutters become clogged and backed up with debris and standing water, the following problems can happen:

  • Damage to your roof and fascia
  • Wood Rot
  • Any excessive weight from debris and/or standing water may cause your gutters to fall off

However, when it comes to gutters, you can really take a proactive stance. Make sure to clean your gutters out at least two times per year. In Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and surrounding Florida areas, it is also important to have your gutters cleaned and cleared before major storms. Consider hiring one of our experienced professionals to inspect your roof and in the process, they will make sure your gutters are in good, operating condition and you will avoid roof problems from them! 

Call us to schedule a roof inspection performed by one of our licensed and experienced professionals!

Plain and simple, Florida weather is harsh on your roof! While summer heat and the wind and rain from storms constitute the bulk of the problems for your roof, having your roof checked regularly and after severe weather by the licensed and experienced professionals at True Builders will allow you to avoid long-lasting damage to your roof. And damage left unattended will lead to more severe issues down the road. Call (863) 647-1800 to schedule your roof inspection today!

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