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How a Kitchen Remodel Can Help You Go Green

How a Kitchen Remodel Can Help You Go Green Sunday, July 07, 2019

Many are looking to create a more energy-efficient environment in their kitchen. Whether it be through installing new appliances or completely remodeling the kitchen, there are many ways to decrease energy use and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. You can also end up saving money on your utility bills.

Here are some ways that a kitchen remodel can help your home located in Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and nearby central Florida areas go green.

Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances Reduce Energy Usage

If you have older appliances in your kitchen, they can be sucking up energy and increasing your power bill each month. When you decide to do a kitchen remodel, you can look at installing appliances that will be more energy-efficient and are labeled as Energy Star appliances.

Kitchen appliances are responsible for around 10 percent of your home’s energy usage.

It’s also suggested to replace kitchen sink faucets with WaterSense faucets, which help reduce water usage. These low flow faucets can reduce a sink’s water usage by 30 percent or more and only use 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Countertops, Flooring, Cabinets, & More

Adding eco-friendly elements to this Lakeland, FL kitchen can help reduce their energy usage.

When you plan to do a kitchen remodel, you can also choose eco-friendly materials for your countertops, flooring, cabinets, backsplash, and even paint.

Consider choosing cabinets made from sustainable materials such as solid wood, recycled wood, bamboo, and other materials. These cabinets will not use chemicals and are easily reusable for the future.

Eco-friendly flooring choices are also numerous, from recycled wood planks and tile to bamboo. These choices can look beautiful while also reducing environmental impact. There are also many sustainable material choices for kitchen countertops and backsplashes.

You can also consider adding new windows that have more insulation to keep your kitchen cooler while you’re cooking. Using Energy Star windows can lower your energy bills by 12 percent and reduces your cooling costs each month. In our area of central Florida, that’s a huge plus.

If you’re concerned about chemicals in your paint, then you can opt for a paint that is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs can give off fumes that cause headaches and other issues.

Consider Using Energy-Efficient Lighting Choices in Your Kitchen

If you have windows near your kitchen, make sure your remodel utilizes as much natural light as possible during the day. Another energy-efficient choice is to use LED light bulbs in place of older incandescent light bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy, do not give off heat, and last for much longer. They also can come in different colors if you’re looking to switch up the ambiance in your kitchen.

If you want to remodel your kitchen into a more energy-efficient room, call us today!

At True Builders, we have many years of experience with kitchen remodeling. Give us a call today at (863) 647-1800 to discuss how we can help you turn your kitchen into the energy-efficient kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. We can provide you with a free consultation at your home or at our on-site showroom!

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