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Home Improvement Stores Can’t Match These Remodeling Showroom Perks

Home Improvement Stores Can’t Match These Remodeling Showroom Perks Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Expand your home improvement arsenal by shopping at your local remodeling showroom! When tackling a renovation, addition, or other projects, most homeowners head straight to the big box hardware stores out of convenience. However, by skipping over your local remodeling showroom, you’re missing out on more than you likely realize.

Home improvement stores here in the Plant City, Florida area simply can’t match the perks that a remodeling showroom like ours offers, including exclusive selection, increased customizability, and attentive customer support. At True Builders, our experts help you see your remodel come to life before you even start.

Continue reading to learn about some of the big differences between showrooms and home improvement stores, as well as the perks of using your local showroom and common showroom solutions.

Differences Between Showrooms and Home Improvement Stores

Anyone who has been to both a showroom and home improvement store will tell you the two are worlds apart. The personalized customer experience and carefully curated displays inside our remodeling showroom ensure you’ll receive all the support you need to help you dream up new ideas for your home.

Attentive Staff

We’ve all wandered through brand-name hardware stores, getting lost as we search for that one last fixture or accent we need to complete a project. Due to the large number of customers that frequent big box stores, attracting the attention of staff members can prove challenging. At a local showroom, you’ll have the undivided attention of experienced remodelers.

A Specialized Focus on Remodeling

Local remodeling showrooms eschew all the irrelevant products and services found at home improvement stores so you can zero in on the task at hand. When shopping at home improvement stores, you have to search for materials spread throughout the store. In showrooms, you’ll encounter everything you need for a remodel without the scavenger hunt.

Perks of Shopping at Your Local Showroom

From expert guidance to superior materials, the benefits of shopping at a local showroom can represent the difference between a good remodel and a great one. Beyond attentive staff and a specialized focus, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Guidance from highly trained, licensed professionals
  • Thorough consultations to brainstorm new ideas and ascertain customer needs
  • Personalized service and guidance in a tranquil, pressure-free environment
  • Hand-selected materials chosen for their superior beauty and durability
  • Fewer customers, allowing for an unrushed buying experience
  • Gaining inspiration from fully constructed showcases
  • Helpful follow-up support from knowledgeable staff

Showrooms Offer Solutions for the Most Common Remodeling Projects

The bathroom design section of True Builder's showroom in Plant City, FL.

You might be thinking that heading on over to your local showroom will be a waste of time if they don't have what you need. But, chances are, you're wrong! Showrooms offer a wide variety of materials and options for the most common remodeling projects.


Bathrooms serve as some of the most frequently used rooms in a house. The constant wear-and-tear they endure makes them prime candidates for an overhaul. Some of the common bathroom remodeling projects highlighted at most showrooms include:

  • Cabinetry
  • Sinks and vanities
  • Shower and bath tiling
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets


In many ways, the kitchen represents the most important part of any home. It operates as the meeting point for many families in addition to its main purpose of providing a clean, safe place for food preparation. Kitchen remodeling services often involve:

  • Kitchen design
  • Custom cabinets and countertops
  • Sinks, backsplashes, and plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Appliances


Nothing takes a beating quite like your home’s flooring. Years of walking, running, dancing, and other activities ultimately take their toll, necessitating occasional repairs and replacements. Local showrooms are able to help you select the best materials and arrange professional installation so that your floors stand the test of time.

Get Inspired—Visit Our Showroom Today

For over a decade, our team at True Builders has serviced homeowners in Plant City, FL and surrounding areas including Lakeland and Winter Haven. We provide flawless remodeling services and a professional showroom experience. If you’re ready to create the home of your dreams, call us at (863) 647-1800 for a consultation with one of our experts or head on over to this page to learn more about what our showroom has to offer.

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