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Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

Fire Damage Restoration FAQs Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Before dealing with any fire damage restoration, every homeowner should take two important actions after a fire:

  1. Keep everyone in your family safe and secure, away from the damaged home.
  2. Remember you are safe, those are things, and these FAQs should help you get through the aftermath.

A fire is a very serious matter! Aside from being destructive, it can be deadly. Fire damage happens incredibly fast and among the chaos that can take place in the aftermath of the fire, it is important to keep a cool head and follow some simple guidelines to help the restoration process go smoothly.

My home has just suffered from a damaging fire. What do I do first?

Get everyone to safety and stay put! In the aftermath of a fire, you want to make one important phone call, which is to an experienced and trusted fire restoration company, like True Builders.

How long will the restoration take?

This is a very difficult question to answer! So many factors go into determining how long a restoration process will take on a home. For example:

  • Was the fire contained to a single room, floor, or was it a complete loss?
  • How demanding are the building codes and how difficult is it to obtain permits?
  • How readily available are building materials?
  • How cooperative is your insurance company?

Amazingly, each little detail of your home, and of the fire itself, plays a role in determining the length of the restoration!

Will I have to move out during the restoration?

Not necessarily. This is another tough question! Again, if your house has only minor damage, and the utilities are working fine, your family could stay in the home. If there is severe smoke damage or extensive burn damage of the home's structure, your family is most likely safer off the premises.

The final answer comes down to the extent of the damage and your decision of you and your unique situation.

What items should I keep with me if I have to leave after a fire?

Any item that is of value to you should be kept in your possession. Items that are difficult to replace, such as photographs, keepsakes, and collectibles should also be kept on you.

Never leave personal information, checkbooks, cash, medications, or important documents at the site of the fire. If your home is accessible to others, you risk these items being stolen or damaged.

Have more questions? Contact us.

True Builders has all the tools and scientific processes needed to safely clean and clear your home of damage. If you live in the Plant City, Lakeland, or Winter Haven community, call (863) 647-1800 for further questions, and to find out how we can bring your home from out of the ashes.

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