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Choosing Your New Countertops: Marble vs. Granite

Choosing Your New Countertops: Marble vs. Granite Wednesday, March 21, 2018

One of the biggest decisions for homeowners, when it comes to making changes to their bathroom or kitchen, is selecting the right countertops. For people who prefer the look of natural stone, the decision usually comes down to using either marble or granite.

Both of these natural stones offer an array of color possibilities and can bring a pleasing aesthetic element to your home. Marble has a veiny look, while granite tends to have flecks and a more granular appearance. Additionally, marble features a larger pattern, which lends itself to more consistent coloring within a slab. A granite slab contains a variety of hues that range in color from medium to dark.

The Basics of Natural Stones

Granite and marble are similar, in that they are both extremely durable and porous. However, they also require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them from showing wear. Generally speaking, granite and marble have more similarities than they do differences.


Granite is an igneous rock that is composed of quartz, feldspar, mica, and some other materials. Known for being the strongest natural stone, granite is slightly less porous than marble.


Formed from re-crystallized carbon, marble is a type of metamorphic rock, and is created from limestone formed by the intense pressure and shifting of the Earth's crust.

Hardness, Durability, & Cost

When it comes to hardness and durability, there is no competition--granite wins the prize! Granite is more resistant to both chipping and scratching than marble. Over the years, granite will require moderate maintenance, while marble needs moderate to high maintenance.

Both stones are heat resistant. However, you should use caution when placing extremely hot items such as pots, pans, or styling tools directly on the surface for an extended amount of time. Both are extremely durable when properly sealed. You should re-seal your countertop every 1-2 years. Failing to reseal your countertop could allow liquids like wine, juices, different types of oil, or acidic products to seep in and create stains.

When it comes to cost, granite is slightly more affordable than marble per square foot installed. Most granite slabs start at around $75 per square foot and can reach upwards of $175 per square foot. Marble, on the other hand, starts at approximately $100 per square foot and can get as high as $200 per square foot. Pricing can vary, based on how many corners are installed, how many seams need to be joined, and the type of sink that may be installed as well.

Making a Final Decision

When it comes to choosing between the two, it most definitely depends on your personal choice. If you can afford to add the luxury of natural stone into your home, marble and granite are both viable options! Your home can benefit aesthetically from letting True Builders install new countertops, that feature either of these beautiful, natural stones, into your living space. Call (863) 647-1800 today to work with our expert design team.

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