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Choosing the Right Sink for Your Bathroom Remodel

Choosing the Right Sink for Your Bathroom Remodel Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The options on the market today for bathroom sinks can be overwhelming. Depending on the use for the sink in question, there are options available that can be more or less appropriate for the space.

Are you confused about which to look at for your bathroom remodel? Check out the pros and cons of these six sink styles before making your decision!

1. All-In-One Sink

Plant City home that has an all-in-one sink in their bathroom.

You can find an all-in-one sink at most large-scale home improvement stores. This type of sink is molded as part of the countertop and is usually made of porcelain or acrylic, but can be made from a variety of other materials.

The good: All-in-ones are easy to clean and a great choice for a family bathroom. You will find these sinks in standard sizes that fit most stock vanities.

The bad: An all-in-one sink leaves less room for customization and less counter space, in some cases.

2. Under-mount Sink

An under-mount sink sits underneath the counter. The rim of this model is attached to the underside of the countertop.

The good: This family-friendly bathroom countertop will have a clean and seamless look. Less of the sink is outwardly visible and spills are easily wiped from the counter into it.

The bad: The cost of an under-mount is usually higher than a top-mount, so watch your budget!

Under-mount sinks are not suitable for a laminate surface and are only possible with a solid surface countertop.

3. Wall Mount Sink

This Lakeland homeowner has opted to have a wall-mounted sink installed into their bathroom.

There is no need for a countertop with a wall mount sink! Wall mount sinks are fixed straight to the wall for a very minimalist approach.

The good: These sinks are great space savers and leave more visible floor area, which makes a small bathroom appear larger. Since the plumbing is positioned inside the wall, you get a clean appearance in the bathroom.

The bad: There is no storage space under the sink and a lack of countertop space as well. Make sure you do not need a lot of storage space in your bathroom before considering a wall mount sink. They make the best options for small spaces, like a powder room.

4. Semi-recessed Sink

A semi-recessed sink is great for a smaller bathroom in need of extra storage space below the sink.

The good: Semi-recessed models sit towards the front of the cabinets and countertop, which opens up space for shallow cabinets below and allows for an extra counter area above. This option works well with children or limited mobility individuals, by allowing them an easier way to reach the sink, without cabinets getting in the way.

The bad: There is still limited storage space with this option and spills on your floor will be more common, as the sink sticks out over the flooring versus being tucked into the countertop.

5. Top-mount Sink

Example of a top-mount sink that was installed in a Winter Haven home.

Aside from all-in-one sinks, the modern day top-mount is the most commonly used type in households. The top-mount sink is designed to sit on top of the counter with the sink falling below the countertop and the rim of it sitting on the counter. This type is perfect for en-suites and minimalist design schemes.

The good: Any countertop material can benefit from a top-mount sink! They are one of the least expensive options to install in a bathroom remodel as well.

The bad: Wiping spills becomes more complicated as you cannot wipe directly into the sink.

6. Vessel Sink

The vessel sink is just slightly different from the top mount, as the entire sink sits above the countertop. In some models, the bottom of the sink may slightly dip below the countertop level, but most sit on top.

The good: This attention-grabbing model can be a great statement piece for your bathroom that is also practical. If you need a deep bowl with your sink, this model works!

The bad: Unfortunately, if you do not plan your counter height carefully, your vessel sink may end up being awkwardly high. Having shorter countertops can lead to less storage space under the counter.

An aspect not often thought of by those interested in having a vessel sink installed is that cleaning around them can prove tricky.

Call us about sink options when you have us remodel your bathroom.

When it comes down to choosing your sink, it depends on the bathroom remodel you are doing in your home. Some sinks work better for an en-suite; while family bathrooms or powder rooms can benefit from a different kind of sink altogether.

Choose the sink that fits both practically and from a design perspective for your home. Work with the professionals at True Builders for some modern takes on these basic sink options. By calling us at (863) 647-1800, we can narrow down your choices, give you a clear direction, and install the sink while we perform your bathroom remodel.

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