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Bradney Home Restored After Severe Tornado & Water Damage in Polk County, FL

Bradney Home Restored After Severe Tornado & Water Damage in Polk County, FL Wednesday, May 27, 2020

When an EF-2 tornado swept through Polk County in mid-October 2019, as part of Tropical Storm Nestor, it damaged several homes and businesses, including the Bradney home. As the tornado passed over their house, it ripped off part of their roof, leaving the house open to exposure while five inches of rain poured down on their belongings and walls.

Learn about this project and how our contractors were able to help repair the damage and create a place where their family could make new memories.

Repairing extensive storm damage happens a lot in central Florida.

It is no secret that Florida can often be a target for tropical storm damage, especially central Florida as it gets hit by storms coming in off the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Our company often ends up reparing extensive storm damage, whether it is from a thunderstorm, hurricane, or a tornado. In the Bradneys' case, this was a tornado spurred off of a tropical storm that caused the damage to their home.

The tornado ripped the roof from their house, causing immense water damage as the rains poured in.

When the tornado ran its path of destruction across Polk County, it ripped half of the roof off the Bradneys' house. Immense water damage happened as a result as the rains poured in. After the storm passed, they called family members and their son found True Builders and decided to give us a call. We came out within hours with a 9-man crew and started taking down wet drywall and removed wet personal items so that the area could begin to dry out for the repair process.

It is vital to remove water damaged items as soon as possible so that mold does not invade the area.

We sat down with them to get their vision for the restoration of their home.

After we cleaned up the water and removed the wet, damaged areas, our crews sat down with the Bradneys to see how they wanted to proceed and what their vision was for the restoration process. They gave us their guidelines for the new section of their home, and our contractors got right to work, quickly repairing their kitchen area, living room, and creating a new area around their fireplace.

"I shared my ideas as to what I wanted [with the fireplace], and they worked with me so well on that," said Norm Bradney. "The completion of the fireplace went beyond my expectations. Overall, I was so satisfied with the end of all the construction and was just so pleased with the way things turned out and the improvements that were made... They truly wanted to satisfy us and we are thankful for that."

Does your central Florida property need storm damage repairs or restoration? Call us today.

In Plant City, Winter Haven, Lakeland, and other central Florida areas, our company is one of the top-rated storm damage repair contractors. If your property needs restoration services, we can help. Call us today at (863) 647-1800 for a consultation!

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