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Advantages of Hiring a Water Damage Cleanup Company

Advantages of Hiring a Water Damage Cleanup Company Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Deciding the best way to deal with water damage can be frustrating and challenging. Water damage in your home is devastating and stressful, but even more is not having your water damage repaired after severe water damage or flooding in your home. 


From broken pipes to leaking appliances to even more serious concerns like sewer backups or water damage from a fire, they can all cause severe and expensive issues down the line.


An additional and serious concern is mold, which can develop quickly. From safety hazards to structure issues, the list goes on to safety hazards and even structure damage. 




After a flood or major water damage, you may think your clean up is enough. However, there’s plenty of work left ahead. Without the correct equipment, the process can take a lot longer than you think, causing even more damage.


Professionals have the tools to do the job effectively. This will speed up the process, minimize the damage, and allow you faster access to your property or home.




Entering a water damaged area is dangerous. A thorough check of any gas leaks will be conducted as well as making sure electricity is off. Then a thorough check of loose structures or falling debris. 


From contaminated water (sewage for example) bacteria and viruses are already working overtime. Only specialists will have these treatments and know where to deploy them.




A professional service will have a number of team of certified, licensed and insured employees. 


From knowing what to send to insurance companies, to having the knowledge to know what is salvageable and what is beyond repair, an experienced voice is worth the phone call.


Flooding is responsible for a large proportion of natural disasters in Central Florida. A quality restoration company will remove standing water, dry your property, thoroughly sanitize, and repair water-damaged areas.


Locally owned and operated, True Builders has served the restoration and remodeling needs of Plant City, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and other areas of Central Florida since 2010. Our commitment to customer service and quality work has made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.
We are IICRC certified and licensed to respond to any disaster with emergency 24/7 service.
Trust the experienced and compassionate experts at True Builders to take care of you and your property after a crisis. Call us at (863) 624-6538 for immediate service.

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