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A Modern Condo Renovation in Lakeland, FL

A Modern Condo Renovation in Lakeland, FL Tuesday, August 14, 2018

With just a few small renovations, we took an outdated condominium unit in Lakeland, FL and turned it into a modern beauty! Our team remodeled the floors, walls, and added some usable space in the bedroom to make the area more functional.

Hardwood floor installed during the renovation of a condo in Lakeland, FL.

Adding Value with Hardwood Flooring

We removed old carpeting from the living room and balcony, and replaced them both with uniform, neutral, hardwood flooring throughout. Hardwood flooring can add value to a home and allows for easier maintenance.

With proper care, carpets can last about 10 years. Conversely, hardwood floors can last from 25 years to life. The durability of a hardwood floor is an obvious benefit! Additionally, hardwood flooring allows for a timeless effect and a neutral color scheme for the entire home.

Before and after photos of newly painted walls for a condo remodeling job in Lakeland, FL.

A Fresh Coat of Paint to Bring Vibrance

It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint did for this condo! We removed all the old wallpaper around the entire unit and replaced it with a complimentary neutral coat of paint that went well with the white trim and new flooring.

The neutral tones modernized the entire condo and created a cohesive look that allows the space to feel clean and open. The lighter tones accentuate the sunlight and help to make the entire space throughout the home feel more vibrant, yet relaxed.

Closet added to a bedroom in a Lakeland, FL condo renovated by True Builders.

Structural Changes to the Bedrooms

In both the master bedroom and the guest bedroom, we made changes to the structure of the space.

Master Bedroom

We opened up the master bedroom by removing the French doors. This allows the space on the balcony to appear more inviting. The balcony's new wide-open appearance allows the spaciousness of the downstairs to flow to the upstairs as well.

Closet Space Added

The guest bedroom lacked a specific, functional closet space. We removed the existing built-in desk and shelving and built a closet into the newly available space. The bedroom now has a functional and practical space to store clothes, personal belongings, and more.

The closet also can add resale value to the condominium unit, should the homeowner consider moving in the future.

Is Your Home Ready for an Updated Look?

At True Builders, we pushed the Lakeland, FL condo into modern times and provided a cohesive and updated look that brought light and opened up the entire space. The neutral tones in the hardwood and the paint choices created a backdrop to match virtually any design scheme or style the homeowner could want over time.

Reach out to us today and ask how you can upgrade your existing space. In this remodel, the homeowner chose to make simple, but impactful changes to their interior. If you live in the Lakeland or Plant City area and are looking for changes to be made to your home, reach out to us today at (863) 647-1800.

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