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6 Common Mistakes When Remodeling the Bathroom

6 Common Mistakes When Remodeling the Bathroom Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular options for homeowners looking to add value and function to their home. Home trends can change rapidly and bathrooms are no exception. However, there are common mistakes made that can hurt the functionality of your bathroom and cause a $10,000-$20,000 project to be $30,000 or more.

Be wary of these six common mistakes made when remodeling bathrooms.

1. Not Pre-planning the New Design

Details should be worked out ahead of time, right down to the size of the tub, the look of the hardware, and the colors of the walls and tiles. The smart route to a bathroom remodel is identifying goals and then following a specific plan.

Also, check your room design and make sure enough space is allowed for traffic flow, storage, and all of your amenities. 3D renderings of your bathroom are the most useful for getting a realistic view of your bathroom.

And of course, make sure all of the materials are ready to go prior to any demolition. Without a proper replacement plan in place, things can go wrong.

2. Don't Underestimate the Project Timeline

Home renovations hit bumps in the road and your bathroom will not necessarily be a walk in the park. Leave extra time in your planning for unexpected surprises. There could be water damage to your walls that had gone unnoticed or any number of other issues that were previously unknown. Be careful going into a project too optimistic or you may be disappointed in the end.

3. Putting Form before Function

The best part about being able to remodel any part of your home is looking at the options on the market. From fixtures to appliances, tiles, and cabinetry, there are so many choices to explore. Be cautious when falling in love with a giant claw foot tub just to realize it would not properly fit in your space!

When planning your design, keep safety, accessibility, and comfort at the forefront of your mind at all times.

4. Moving Fixtures

If there is no reason to move your shower to the other side of the bathroom, then leave it where it is! When large fixtures are moved, new plumbing is needed. Installing new plumbing in your bathroom can inflate your budget by thousands of dollars.

New plumbing is perhaps the most expensive item in remodeling a bathroom and is an unfortunate mistake made for remodeling. If you do not need to move the fixtures, keep them where they are and keep your money in your pocket!

5. Neglecting to Plan for Ventilation

Ventilating fans and windows can be things we do not think about in a remodel, but they are necessary components to a functioning bathroom. This common mistake can leave your bathroom with high-moisture and humidity, which is the perfect environment for mold.

Install both a ventilation fan and a window, if possible, and keep moisture from building up in your newly remodeled bathroom.

6. Hiring an Unqualified Company

This common mistake can cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars if you end up hiring the wrong company. Do your research and make sure the professionals you intend to work with:

  • Are licensed and insured
  • Have years of experience
  • Are legal workers
  • Have an established business that is reputable
  • Will have a contract set in place with you

It is best to negotiate a fixed-price contract, which includes an itemized list of tasks, an approximate materials budget, and a clear change-order policy.

The experienced professionals at True Builders are legal, licensed, and insured workers that will be happy to set a contract in place with you.

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