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5 Luxurious Marble Tile Options For Your Bathroom

5 Luxurious Marble Tile Options For Your Bathroom Thursday, March 18, 2021

Of all the rooms in your home, your bathroom likely sees the most use—why not make it a space you love? Marble tile is an excellent option to achieve a pleasant, luxurious feel. As a high-end natural stone, it comes in many styles, colors, patterns, and price points to compliment any bathroom design. Below are 5 different types of marble tiles to choose from, each with their own look and feel. Continue reading to see which type is right for you!

1. Victoria Pearl & White Thassos

These natural stone and pearl tiles form a stunning honeycomb pattern using square, hexagonal, and triangular pieces. Their coloring mimics the look of pearl with a soft white color and slightly gray undertone. The marble has a polished surface, so it's perfect for creating a sophisticated ambiance in any bathroom. Our greatest tip when adding it to your bathroom is to use it on your floor rather than your shower. This type of marble is prone to darkening when exposed to a lot of water.

Victoria Pearl and White Thassos marble tiles are more expensive when compared to other types of marble, but absolutely worth it for the luxurious feel! These tiles work well in any bathroom and make a spectacular addition to floors and walls outside the shower.

2. Phantasm

These multicolored triangular tiles are a blend of four different types of marble:

  • Sky Gray
  • Nero Marquina
  • White Carrara
  • Botticino marble

The many different colors on Phantasm tiles form a unique 3D geometric pattern in a contemporary style. The layout of the marble tile enhances the appearance and color of each individual marble type while creating a cohesive design. Phantasm tiles are a little more expensive than your average marble tile, but their incredible 3D contemporary design makes them well worth it. These tiles work great as:

  • Bathroom and shower floor tile
  • Bathroom and shower wall tile
  • Backsplash tiles behind the sink

3. Kensington Frosted Super White Silver Dust

Kensington Frosted Super White Silver Dust tile is a blend of marble and glass with a modern, contemporary appeal. It is back-painted and has a unique pattern that blends frosted white with polished metallic silver. Though it has a mid-range price tag, it looks more expensive than it is and gives an air of sophistication. We suggest using this type of marble for your bathroom walls, shower walls, or your backsplash. Because this tile contains glass, you want to avoid adding it to your bathroom floor in case anything heavy gets dropped onto it.

4. Eminence Sansa

Add a sense of elegance and color to your bathroom with the Eminence Sansa tile. These tiles consist of a blend of three types of stone:

  • Diamond Blue
  • China White
  • Northern Light

These materials create a lovely gray and white floral pattern with hints of a striking blue color without being overstated. The waterjet marble mosaic tiles combine modern luxury with a traditional design. Because of its materials, color, and pattern, the Eminence Sansa is one of the most expensive options on the market. However, it's sturdy enough to use almost anywhere in the bathroom, including walls and shower floors.

5. Apogee Echo Star

Apogee is an artisanal marble tile that combines contours and arcs to create a subtle “x’s” and “o’s” pattern. Its gray and white marble hues bring out the natural veining in Calacatta Gold and Glass Thassos materials that make up the mosaic tiles. Although the Apogee Echo Star is one of the higher-end marble tiles, it is conveniently versatile and durable. You’ll make the most of its appeal by adding it to your bathroom wall, floor, shower floor, or backsplash.

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