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3 Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

3 Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen Tuesday, January 08, 2019

As a five-star licensed contractor, we know the ins and outs of the design and build process. We’ll put our experienced team to work to help you through the complexities and see to it that your project outcome is a great one. Either way, it’s important to educate yourself before deciding to undertake a kitchen redesign.

We’ve done plenty of major renovations, and we know there are many things to consider before remodeling your kitchen.

1. Consider Your Kitchen Renovation Budget

Our latest customer in Plant City had us take out a wall to open up the kitchen space.

Remodeling can be an exciting time, but there can also be big costs behind it that you will need to consider. We can work with you to establish a budget that works with your financial needs. If you're looking for design examples, we've done plenty of kitchen remodels and renovations and can show you what we've done in the past to help you plan out the kitchen of your dreams! Other things to consider that could affect your budget:

  • First, think about what your true goal behind renovating is. Do you want more space? More light? Better appliances? 
  • If you want more space, consider if you want to keep your current layout or if you want to expand your kitchen. Kitchen expansion is an option that may be worth doing if your goal is to create a much larger space. Assess adjoining rooms to see where you think you could take some space to add to your kitchen. Of course, keeping the current layout will give you more funding toward other needs, and may also cut down on the length of time the project will take. 
  • What kind of appliances do you want to use? You might choose to allocate more funds toward new appliances in order to complete the fresh look of your kitchen. We can work with you to plan out a layout that suits you and your appliance choices. 
  • Consult with your realtor. Often, renovations can add value to your home. Ask your realtor how much they think it could help increase your home's value. It's important to have a solid return on investment. 

We can advise you of the cost of whichever method you choose for your project. The overall goal is always customer satisfaction, so it’s important to have a vision before we begin.

2. Appliance Choices Impact Layouts

In Lakeland, our customer put a lot of consideration into their new appliance purchases.

Choosing higher-end appliances for your kitchen remodel is an investment many clients are willing to make. When you purchase a new appliance, it is considered an investment meant to add value and convenience. We will take precise measurements to provide a design that allows for enough space to fit appliances in flush and neatly, but sometimes there are other considerations.

If you choose heavier, commercial grade equipment for your remodel, sometimes floors need to be strengthened to handle the load. Fume hoods may be needed, which require proper ventilation ducts to be installed. The size of appliances also impacts the layout choices you will make. Larger refrigerators, cooktops, triple sinks, dishwashers, and many luxury kitchen items require additional space and electrical/plumbing during install. Sometimes custom cabinetry needs to be built to create the space and support for the appliances you choose.

As most homeowners know, appliance prices can vary widely, depending upon the style, brand, and functionality. The same goes for countertops, which can be made from high-end granite or less costly materials. Flooring and cabinetry can also run the gamut when it comes to cost.

We will walk you through the planning phase to ensure you are aware of the things to consider before remodeling your kitchen.

3. Look for Ways to Brighten Your Kitchen

Many homeowners are also looking for ways to brighten up their kitchens, and this can be done through artificial lighting, natural lighting, or a combination of both. We can discuss replacing windows or doors with others that let in more light from outside if you desire more natural lighting. If you're looking for more artificial lighting, our professional team can present you with many options to choose from that will give you the artificial light you need. Some suggestions include:

  • Placing recessed lighting under cabinets
  • Using dimmer switches so you can control the amount of light during the day and evening 
  • Exploring overhead lighting options such as chandeliers or other types of ceiling fixtures
  • Utilizing wall lighting to illuminate corners that don't get as much light 

As you plan out your kitchen remodel, these lighting choices can also affect your budget. Keep that in mind while you assess what you're looking for and we will keep you apprised of all costs and any other issues that may arise during the renovation process. 

It's also important to consider how you will use your kitchen. if you entertain a lot, we will put that into our plans for your dream kitchen!  

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