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Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2018

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2018 Tuesday, March 13, 2018

With 2018 comes the newest trends in bathroom remodeling. More focus is being made on high-tech features, the efficient use of space, and unique designs that are bold. There is also a rise in "small-scale luxury", making it more affordable to be trendy with your bathroom remodel.

It's all about the use of space!

Many designers are utilizing real estate more efficiently, by making every square inch count. More bathrooms are becoming smaller versions of the luxury bathrooms seen in many magazines. Through featuring space-saving walk-in showers, they tend to be smaller, yet artfully designed. And, using shelves on the walls provides more storage for the homeowner.

Large, floating vanities are on the rise, giving an air of openness and increased space to the bathroom. Open shelving is both practical and a popular option. Taking cabinetry up the walls is another solution being seen in remodeled bathrooms.

Ease of use: Making your space accessible.

Another trend being seen is making it accessible and ADA compliant, giving your home a bump in resale value. Things to consider in your bathroom remodel would include:

  • Comfort height toilets and vanities
  • Side mount faucets
  • Combination shower/tub wet room
  • Curbless shower (easier to get in/out, easier to clean, adds depth and dimension to the space)

Something for the techies!

With the increased use of technology in our day-to-day lives, it's no wonder that technology would find its way into our bathrooms. There are many ways that technology is being included in bathrooms that are practical and add an element of luxury.

Toilets are getting a makeover.

In general, toilets have changed very little over the past few decades and are much the same mechanically as the very first toilet ever in production. Today, we are seeing a rise in high-tech toilets which incorporate an array of fun and helpful gadgets, including:

  • Automatic lid openers and slow close features
  • Seat warmers
  • Adjustable air dryers
  • Wireless music players that turn on/off automatically in conjunction with the toilet seat operation
  • Built-in deodorizers

Bringing additional tech into the bathroom.

Toilets are not the only things getting a makeover today! Showers are becoming more spa-like by including body sprays, water jets, and extra steam. Televisions are also increasingly being installed.

Additionally, fire elements are being introduced as an added luxury. This is a less expensive way of adding warmth to your bathroom, rather than breaking the bank on another and newer bathroom trend - heated flooring!

So many new and exciting options to choose from!

Whether you're remodeling your bathroom by choice, or you are utilizing disaster cleanup services as an opportunity to upgrade your bathroom, incorporating one or more of these 2018 bathroom trends will keep your home modern.

Bold lighting, darker fixtures, unique tile shapes, and boldly accented walls are providing unique and innovative ways for homeowners to express their personalities within their bathrooms. If you live in the Plant City, Lakeland, or Winter Haven, FL areas, let us help you to take a break from the norm and dive into unique and interesting waters by calling (863) 647-1800.

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