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Bathroom Remodel: Walk-in Shower, Bathtub, or Both?

Bathroom Remodel: Walk-in Shower, Bathtub, or Both? Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The largest feature that homeowners have to choose when they remodel a bathroom is their shower or bathtub. There are so many options for both on the market, but there are some questions you need to ask yourself before making the final decision on what your bathroom needs.

What kind of space are you working with?

The average bathroom is 5'x8'. Standard bathtubs roughly measure 30" wide and can be up to 72" in length. Showers range from 36"x36" to 36"x48" for a standard walk-in shower. The smaller the bathroom you have in your home, the more logical a shower would be. This would help you free up additional space for other features. Ditching the bathtub for the shower also invites the homeowner to create a larger spa-like shower, if there is enough room for it.

Showers are more accessible than bath tubs.

In the Plant City/Lakeland region, many of the residents are elderly. With this in mind, climbing in and out of a bathtub is not easy for everyone. People with limited mobility, those who are disabled, or the elderly may find it difficult and unsafe to have to use a bathtub. A shower provides open accessibility, which is an advantage over the bathtub. In addition, showers can be made larger to accommodate wheelchairs or seats as needed.

Are you thinking about the most efficient option?

Energy and water efficiency is a big deal to some homeowners. When you are talking about a bathroom, hands down, a quick shower is more efficient and will save you water, as compared to the amount of water needed to run a bathtub. However, be careful if the members of your household tend to take long showers.

Any showers over ten minutes can start to consume as much water as your bathtub!

Are you planning to sell your home soon?

When it comes to selling your home, you can really hurt your home's resale value by taking a bathtub out. Many buyers with small children, or those looking to start a family, are going to want a bathtub for easy bathing of the young ones. If your home boasts only a shower, it may not appeal to all homebuyers.

One of the biggest tips for your remodel is to have at least one bathroom with a bathtub in it. This is where a combination shower/bathtub comes in handy and may be the best choice for you!

There are no right or wrong decisions when it comes to selecting your bathroom amenities, but being aware of the impact your choice will have on your household and your resale is important. Call (863) 647-1800 and talk to the professionals at True Builders about how your bathroom renovation can be done to fit the needs of your family!

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