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4 Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Contractor for Your Remodeling Project

4 Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Contractor for Your Remodeling Project Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Remodeling any part of your home can be an involved project that requires knowledge of local construction regulations, permitting, how to create the design, and how to use the proper equipment. Hiring a reliable and trustworthy contractor, like True Builders is the only way to get this job done right. However, do you know what questions you should ask to be certain a contractor is right for your job?

The key to hiring a great contractor is to know the questions to ask! Here are five questions you can ask the contractor that will help you hire the best fit for your remodeling project!

1. What is your contractor license number?

Most states require contractors to have a license. If you ask your prospective contractor for their license and they do not have one, this is a good indication that you should avoid doing business with them. Another way that obtaining the vendor's license number can be useful, is to check whether claims or judgments have been passed against them.

2. Can I have a copy of your insurance policy?

Homeowners need to be aware of their contractor's insurance, who it is through, and what the coverage is. You need to make sure that their policy covers your property in the event that any damage is caused.

Some contractors may have policies that DO NOT cover your property. You need to know that your property and the people involved are fully protected.

When policies do not account for worker's compensation, any injury or accident that occurs on the job is a liability that could fall on you.

3. How will we communicate during the project?

You want a contractor who can be reached during the process. You need to be able to keep the lines of communication open during your remodeling project, so that the contractor, the crew, and you are all on the same page. Knowing when and how you will talk is important.

As part of communication, you should have your contractor tell you who their subcontractors are. Communications can take a number of different forms... daily emails, phone calls, and weekly meetings are all valid ways to communicate. Whichever methods are selected, make sure they are ironed out ahead of time.

Additionally, It's important to make sure the contractor has a physical address. If your contractor only has a cell phone and a P.O. Box, that is not an ideal situation. Will they be available if something happens with the project in a few years? Will they actually finish the project, or skip town?

4. How many projects like mine have you done in the last year?

You should be prepared to work with a contractor who is very knowledgeable about your specific type of project. Ask how many similar projects they have completed in the past year. If their portfolio or specialization is in a different area, then you should work with a different company.

Your contractor should be an expert at what you need, whether your remodel includes a bathroom, a kitchen, or other parts of your home. If you do not trust what the contractor is telling you, it's time to move on!

Trust your instincts!

When it comes to selecting your contractor, trust your intuition! A reliable and trustworthy contractor should have no problem answering your questions and will, in turn, offer valuable information you'll need in order to make the right selection. At True Builders, we would be happy to answer your questions. Call us at (863) 647-1800 and have our team members handle your remodeling project!

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