The Bauer Family's Remodeled Bathroom in Wesley Chapel, FL

The Bauer Family's Remodeled Bathroom in Wesley Chapel, FL Thursday, November 08, 2018

The Bauer Family's Remodeled Bathroom in Wesley Chapel, FL

The Bauer Family's Remodeled Bathroom in Wesley Chapel, FL

New Flooring, Fixtures, & More for Complete Renovation of Master Bathroom in Wesley Chapel, FL

Bauer family bathroom in Wesley Chapel, FL before their remodel.

Modernizing your home is the easiest to do in the bathroom or kitchen. These are the most used spaces of your home where you can combine form and function into a beautiful, modern space. The Bauer family did just that when they decide to keep the functional layout of their master bathroom, but completely renovate the look from floor-to-ceiling.

True Builders helped this local Wesley Chapel, FL family come up with a sleek, yet simple and neutral design scheme for their bathroom, complete with new flooring, fixtures, and more.

Teardown of Cabinets, Countertops, Shower, & More, While Preserving Bathroom Structure & Layout

Torn down bathroom before new new design is implemented.

We started the project by completely tearing down the bathroom. We got rid of the old flooring, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, shower, and bathtub. The outdated look was doing nothing for the homeowners and it was time to bring their space into modern times.

After completely tearing down the bathroom, we began to reassemble the area with the new materials that the Bauer family chose. A master bathroom can be a large space to redesign, so we maintained the structure of the bathroom's previous layout.

Leaving the layout the same allowed the family to keep the space functioning the same way it did before, but still left many opportunities for modern embellishments.

Utilizing Various Hues of Gray

Gray and Greige are some of the most popular and trendy colors on the market today. They are calm, neutrals that allow for a space that can be easily redecorated. The Bauer family chose materials in complementary hues that all focused on different grays. The finished look had a sophisticated cleanliness.

Texture & Dimension Given To Flooring Through Variation in Shades

Texture floor boards used during Bauer family bathroom remodel.

For the flooring, we installed uniform tiles in a gray color with variations in light and dark tones. The variation in shades gives the floor texture and dimension and allows it to match the various gray tones around the rest of the bathroom.

The white trim along the flooring breaks up the grey of the tiles and the walls, which gives the whole room a crisp, clean look.

New, White Cabinets/Countertops Bring Balance

We installed new cabinets in white, which matched the already white trim and doors. To top off the new cabinets, we installed beautiful new countertops, which pulled in the white and gray tones from around the rest of the space. The countertops stayed uniform throughout the space and brought balance to both sides of the room.

We created focal points by installing a stand-alone tub and a shower with mosaic tile.

Shower with mosaic tiles as a focal point for this bathroom remodel done in Wesley Chapel, FL

The new shower and bathtub were both major focal points to the remodel, which gave the space a unique appeal. The bathtub was a modern-day, stand-alone tub, which offered sleek lines that matched the rest of the updated surfaces.

We installed a brand new shower space that utilized multiple design elements. The walls of the shower were designed with tile that included a design element running from floor to ceiling behind the showerhead and fixture. The basin of the shower was laid with a beautiful mosaic tile that created a focal point to the shower space.

Cohesive Design Achieved With Brushed Nickel Hardware & Fixtures

At True Builders, we believe in creating a cohesive and creative design. During remodels, we think of every detail to make the room work in harmony, and this Wesley Chapel, FL bathroom was no exception. All new brushed nickel hardware and fixtures were installed throughout the space. The lighting fixtures and mirrors use the same brushed nickel in sleek and simple modern designs.

We installed a new window treatment and bulbs that allow bright, natural lighting into the bathroom. The use of grays and whites lightens the entire room, leaving the bathroom feeling tranquil and polished.

Bathroom Remodel That Resulted in a Versatile Space With a Neutral Color Scheme

Completed remodel of the Bauer family bathroom in Wesley Chapel, FL

The result of this complete bathroom remodel was a design success for the Bauer family. They were able to turn their master bathroom into the substance of dreams with expert design assistance and hard work from the team at True Builders. The finished product is a space that will last for years to come and be both trendy and versatile with its use of clean lines and neutral color scheme.

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